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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Phosphorescent Layer

Flying Flies

The term ‘muscae volantes’ (flying flies) is treated as synonomous with ‘floaters’. This does not seem appropriate since floaters do not resemble flies flying around.
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This noise torus also gives rise to the following effect.

Into the light


On one occasion I saw a phosphene where the green patch was in two lobes, this time with two additional lines along the top and bottom edges.

These three lines appeared in the ‘Pita’ hypnim and as the gun flash in ‘Shooting’.

On yet another occasion I had been watching the central line for some time when it suddenly switched to a leaf shape and back twice.

I had barely begun to wonder what might give rise to the leaf when I saw a translucent circle expand from the centre of my view, first upwards then downwards. The overlap formed the leaf shape.


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