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In 2009 I began to experience lightning-like streaks in my vision, sometimes when I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at my alarm clock.

One morning, after I had been seeing these streaks for many months, I was jerked awake by a flash that seemed like carnivorous animal leaping out of the darkness.

I awoke sweating and with my heart pounding. I never saw the lightning streaks again. Instead I would sometimes see a series of groups of bright curves which formed a trail across my vision.

According to Verhoeff, “…certain motions of the eye no doubt cause the shrunken vitreous to strike the peripheral retina and thus give rise to the sensation of a lightning streak.” However, I was raising and turning my head fairly smoothly so there would not have been a force sufficient to affect my retina.

When I close my eyes in fairly low light I

A final example for those who still maintain that the flashes are caused by pressure wayes on the retina.

Hypnic jerk
F.H. Verhoeff M.D. - Moore's Subjective “Lightning Streaks”.
American Journal of Ophthalmology Volume 25, Issue 3, March 1942, Pages 265-268.

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